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Silicone Wrap Tattoo Cartridge Needles: It is a new style cartridge needles in tattoo industry,orange silicone wrap locks on each needle cartridges perfectly, which reduces the hand fatigue when the artist to work perfectly for the long session.our needles is safe and easy to use.

The finger ledge tattoo cartridge has all the essential properties of the standard tattoo needles, effectively preventing ink backflow, and is compatible with most tattoo pen grips and tattoo machines on the market. The configuration are Round Liner, and Round Magnum, Curved Magnum,In addition, it has the following advantages that other tattoo needles do not have.

Safety Cartridges-all tattoo needles cartridges sterilized by ethylene oxide before sale and invidually packaged. the needles made of quality surgical stainless steel& medical grade materials, inkin silicone wrap locks on each tip grip perfectly, which provides a better feel and enables you to hold your machine more comfortably and steady.100% safety to use.all needles have been sterilized by ethylene oxide before sale, and has passed the CE test and certificated. our tattoo needles have been tested by some famous tattoo artists, and keeping on improved with the newest trend and technology.

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The biggest advantage of our brand

is a new blood in the tattoo market, we committed to providing quality products and satisfactory services to customers Our products for professional tattoo artists; the combination of precision engineering, diverse manufacturing experience, and We will do our best to help you before, during, and after the sale.

Our brand every Cartridge Needles is put through rigorous quality control checks to ensure that they meet the highest standards every time.

All needles are examined to ensure that only the best make it through the selection process.

Benefits of finger ledge tattoo cartridge

Reduced tattoo machine vibration

The installation of the rubber finger ledge cover increases the tattoo needle barrel end of the tip, on the basis of the original to a greater extent to reduce the vibration of the tattoo machine in the operation sense.

No slip forever

The threads on the finger ledge effectively prevent your fingers from slipping off the tip gripper, which gives you the perfect grip for safe machine guidance. Especially when performing tattoos like whipping or pendulum. These techniques are used when eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, areolae, and more.

Perfect comfort

Finger ledge cartridges are specifically designed for the comfort of tattoo artists! These innovative cartridges have an integrated Tip Grip for a better grip while tattooing. Having a better grip while tattooing makes it super comfortable to hold.

The finger ledge tattoo needles are ergonomically designed to give you the best possible grip. Simply add it to a standard tattoo cartridge and you are ready to perform any tattoo procedure. they are ideal for use even during longer tattoo sessions.

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