RF Radio Frequency Facial and Body Skin Tightening Mini Skin Care Machine

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RF Radio Frequency Facial And Body Skin Tightening Machine - Professional Home RF Lifting Skin Care Anti Aging Device - Salon Effects

rf radio frequency facial machine

What's RF

RF Technology refers to high-frequency electromagnetic waves that can be transmitted and spread. It is defined by a medical dermatologist as the 0.5MHz to 8MHz high - frequency that alternates current for facial contour improvement.

What's the Radio Frequency Treatment Brings:

  • Stimulate collagen produce
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Promote skin nutrition absorption
  • Soften Lines & Reduce wrinkles
  • Tighten and lift skin & Reduce sagging
  • Brighten skin
  • Skin rejuvenation
How the RF works?

Our RF radio frequency instrument converts electrical energy into heat energy which goes deep into the dermis to increase the temperature( 55°F - 65°C/131°F -149°F), accelerate the blood circulation of dermis and subcutaneous tissue, to shrink and tighten the skin collagen and then stimulate and reshape the collagen to achieve multiple cosmetic effect. All the processes are safe and painless


How to use?

Clean and dry the treatment area, apply conductive gel for the area. Only use conductive gel, and reapply during the whole treatment
Place the treatment electrodes on the area, ensuring full contact with your skin during the entire treatment(adjust energy level or move the probe fast to avoid burns)
Keep moving the electrodes up and down across the area. Suggest to apply a hydrating mask when finished the treatment


Treatment Areas:

Mlay RF radio frequency skin tightening machine is suitable to use on both face and the whole body area. Please check the user's manual for the specific areas of the treatment: Forehead and between the eyes, crow's feet and around the eyes, cheek and nasolabial "smile" folds, chin, neck, buttocks and thighs, abdomen, arms


The Benefits of Bipolar RF Treatment:

Results can last up to 2 years. It is safer, more comfortable, and non-invasive, and it is a painless, absolutely relaxing treatment. Activates collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid stimulation. Smoothens skin texture, making wrinkles less visible, and your face will looks more defined and beautiful


Suggested Treatment Schedule:

In 5-10 minutes per session for face. 8-12 minutes per session for whole arm (both left and right one). 10-15 minutes per session for chest and abdomen area. For rough, dry aging skin, having session at interval of 3-4 days. For good condition skin, having session at interval of 1-2 weeks.


  • SAFEST SKIN TIGHTENING MACHINE: Radio frequency skin tightening use the latest bipolar RF technology, no side effects. It built-in safety system that automatically adjusts energy depending on the temperature of your skin
  • BEST FOR SKIN TIGHTENING/LIFTING/WRINKLE REMOVAER/ANTI AGING: It with rated frequency 50/60Hz, the RF waves deeply penetrate skin tissue, heating it up and stimulating collagen and elastin production, result in smoother, tighter, and youthful skin
  • FACE/BODY TIGHTENING: Rf with face probe 25W and body probe 50W. The RF triggers your skin's own healing process, stimulates the skin to produce elastin fibers and collagen that you have lost over the years, so you can enjoy a long last results
  • VISIBLE RESULTS IN AVERAGE 45 - 60 DAYS! Results from 50,000 customers aged between 25 and 70 from cooperative beauty salon show that 73.3% saw visible facial skin improvements in only 4 weeks, 12.6% saw visible results within 60 days
  • PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE AT HOME: give you a chance to renew your skin now, you can control your beauty

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