Electric Under Eye Dark Circle Removal Massaged Eye Pen

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Eye Pen
Initial heating design of 40 degree massager head
Up to 150 times' high frequency vibration per second
Compact shape and easy to carry
 Adopts high vibration and heating technology
Using together with eye essence, so as to quickly achieve the magical effect of eye beauty and anti-wrinkle effect
 Technical Parameter:

Product NameEye pen
Model NOBP-1048
PowerDC 1.5V(AAA 1.5x1)
Vibration Frequency9000rpm
Product SizeL 137xW27xH20MM

Product function:
 Import the essence into the skin and make better absorption
The product mainly aims at the crow's feet, pouch, fine lines around nose and mouth
Anti-wrinkle effect( handheld eye massage pen beauty instrument)
Vibration massage
Take appropriate eye ministry skin care products and stroking the wrinkles around the eyes, gently massaging with the product and make the cosmetics and skincare products penetrate into the skin and act on wrinkles around eyes
Which Skin Parts Applicable To Use?
Perfect for eyes of bags and wrinkles. Can also be used on brow, forehead, cheek & lip areas

How To Use It:
Stpe1: Paint skin care cream.
Step2: Remove the protection cover.
Step3: Using eye massager for a mild massage to make the cream a better absorption.

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