TKTX (60%)-10pcs Black Anesthetic Cream TKTX Anesthetic Tattoo Numbing

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TKTX (60%)- 10pcs/set Black

1. This tattoo ointment has the advantages of fast healing, no discoloration and no scab for tattoos and other uses.
2.It can prevent the formation of melanin and scar tissue, which is anti-inflammatory and keeps the color of the tattoo bright.
3. It adopts vacuum disinfection packaging, which is safe to use.
4.It provides moisture to help restore the skin to a healthy state, which is especially effective for dry skin improving.
5. Before tattooing, tattoos can effectively numb the skin.

Item type: tattoo numbing cream
Net Cent: Approx.10g
Function: prevent the formation of Melanin and scar tissue, maintain a bright tattoo color and other uses.

Package includes:
1 x Tattoo numbing cream

1. Apply plenty of numbing cream to the area and clean it thoroughly.
2. The plaster is then applied evenly to the skin to keep it 2-3mm thick.
3. Cover with plastic wrap. The heat under the plastic wrap can be activated after 15-25 minutes.
4. Leave the plastic wrap for 2 hours for a long period of time on a large scale. Apply numbing cream all over the work area and remove.
5. The skin usually remains numb for 3 to 4 hours, because the cream is removed from the numb skin depending on the skin type and body area.
Specifications of Semi Permanent Tattoo Numbing Cream , Body Anesthesia Cream Fast Numbing 60%

10 x Tattoo Numb Cream

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